To start touch BOOK A DELIVERY


Enter Pickup location and details

Enter the pickup location from Google Maps

And also add additional details for the pickup location in the space provided

Click next once done.


Add items and destination details

Add items to the delivery by touching Add Item


Add items and destination details

On this page please select the item type (Envelope or Package) as well as the destination.

If you have multiple stops touch ADD ANOTHER DESTINATION to add another stop or destination.

Enter the final Recipients Name and Number, this information will be used to send a token to the recipient which they will use to confirm delivery.

You can also enter the number of items if there are more than 1 and include Instructions to the rider of this page.

Click Save when you are done.


Add items and destination details

Once saved your item(s) will appear on this list.

To add more items to a different destination from the same pick up location touch add item.

If you don’t have any more touch next.


Scheduling the Pick Up

Enter your convenient date and time for the pickup and touch next.


Confirm Delivery Type and Cost

If you need your items delivered as soon as they are picked up select the urgent delivery checkbox.

If you’re in no hurry for the delivery to be done, enjoy a discounted rate. We will ensure this delivery will take no more than 4 hours.

Touch submit and wait for our rider to arrive.